The Brick-Moulding Project

Thanks to donations we have been able to start our ‘Brick-moulding project’ in the middle of June. This project is specifically intended for those older boys who cannot (or do not want) to return to school. They are a group of seven to eight young man, aged between 17 and 22 years old. They started in the neighbouring village of Madera, where they collected clay that can be moulded into bricks. By now, at the start of August, they have produced over 10.000 bricks. They start to bake them in ovens when they reach the volume of 25.000 bricks, after which they can start to sell them. The selling price varies, but on average the young man are able to earn about 170 USh per brick. With the money they earn, they can invest in their own piece of land on which they are already planting corn and rice. Local authorities are supportive, and have promised to give the group another piece of land, which will be registered officially in their name. This extra land can be used to increase their harvest, which will then generate more money. RICODE has sponsored the boys for the needed materials, such as shovels, grass to cover the bricks for drying, and wood for fires. They have also sponsored their daily meals of porridge, poshe and beans, as well as pans, cutlery and cups.

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We are very happy to see the boys’ enthusiasm, and the success of this project. This project has the potential to become something bigger, and offers the possibility to support the boys as well as their families and community. This group of young men thinks ahead as well: they hope to switch to concrete bricks in the future, as these will generate an even bigger profit.

Dirk Naaijkens

*translated by Akeo Veerman