We work with the poorest vulnerable children, child mothers and women living with HIV/AIDs and widows and we have huge ambitions to grow our support to do more, such as: reduce violence against children, prevention of spreading of HIV/AIDs, increase economic empowerment, drug use, sexual abuse of young girls and other things.  Because of the work we do, we are looking for volunteers with different expertise and experience. Foundation MamaWatoto helps all vulnerable people realise their potential and become useful and meaningful to the society.
Volunteers Such as:

A fundraiser

  • Approaching individuals, schools, universities, local authorities, shops and commercial organisations for sponsorship and donations
  • Developing new fundraising ideas and events

Public Relations

  • Coming up with PR strategies
  • Building relationships with the media
  • Writing press releases and calling around whenever you’re trying to generate
  • Writing reports on media coverage data
  • Overseeing content production (adverts, videos, social media and online PR
  • Arrange press conferences and events
  • Overseeing marketing reearch
  • Bringing in new business opportunities
  • Managing client relationships

Marketing and communication

  • Organising trade shows
  • Customer events
  • Managing the marketing budget
  • Developing marketing materials
  • Producing press releases
  • Creating marketing plans

You will use your experience to challenge and better the Strategy and Performance of the organisation.
With markets changing on a daily basis, you'll need to keep up to speed  and to stay one step ahead of the game.

Event organizer
The role of event organiser varies depending on the organisation and type of event involved.
Activities include:

  • Researching markets to identify opportunities for events;
  • Producing detailed proposals for events (e.g. timelines, venues, suppliers, legal obligations, staffing and budgets);
  • Agreeing to, and managing a budget;
  • Securing and booking a suitable venue or location;
  • Coordinating venue management, caterers, stand designers, contractors and equipment hire;
  • Identifying and securing speakers or special guests;
  • Coordinating staffing requirements and staff briefings;
  • Liaising with marketing and PR colleagues to promote the event;
  • Liaising with clients and designers to create a brand for the event and organising the production of tickets, posters, catalogues and sales brochures, plus social media coverage.

Proposal Writer

  • To write grant proposals.
  • Create a proposal according to guidelines and bases it on factual information that provides the reader with necessary details to make a decision about future financial contributions.

Your contribution will be recognised and rewarded



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