Diaspora Forum for Development supports projects and the expertise and the skills of the diaspora organisation in the Netherlands. Since 2007 DFD and Foundation MamaWatoto have been collaborating together.


Oxfam/Novib is fighting for a just world without poverty together with people, organizations, businesses, and governments and, through projects and lobby, locally and internationally.In 2008, foundation MamaWatoto partnered with Oxfam/Novib. Oxfam provides the financial assistance required for Foundation MamaWatoto to carry out its social service projects with the help of the local community.  The two organizations have worked together in the social service sector, providing vocational trying for child mother and school drop outs on basic skills in Soroti/Amuri District in Uganda.


In 2009 ASN Bank financed Foundation MamaWatoto with food security project in Soroti District in Uganda.


In 2009 foundation MamaWatoto partnered with ASML carrying a project on Food Security and income generating activities in Soroti/Amuria District covering 4 Sub-counties.


All over the world Wilde Gazen (Wild Gees) supports, through Dutch partners, the disadvantaged people who make an effort to achieve a better future for their community. In 2010 foundation MamaWatoto was supported by Wilde Gazen to contract a two class room school in Bududa District in Uganda. On the first of March 2010 a huge landslide that severely destroyed three villages in Bududa district in the north east of Uganda, killing approximately 350 people. Hospitals, residences and all other structures were buried under approximately 5 meters of mud. A large area of agricultural land was destroyed.


Achmea Foundation is committed to build up a better society. One of the ways we do this is by donating 0.5% of our annual net profit to charitable causes through the Achmea Foundation, which was established for this purpose in 2006. All income earned by the Achmea Foundation I fully allocated to the projects selected. In 2010 Achmea financed Foundation MamaWatoto to provide technique agriculture in Soroti/Amuria District covering four Sub-countie, Gweri, Arapai, Damsiko and Kamuda and they are still working together make a difference and improve social economic areas in Uganda.The main goal of Eureko Achmea Foundation is to support financially sustainable improvement of social-economic areas of subordinated people in need, in the Netherlands as well as in the rest of the world.


Municipal Council of Amsterdam has been assisting Foundation MamaWatoto since 2008 with their expertise when needed and financing projects to raise awareness on topics such as female genital mutilation, women trafficking, integrating in to a different culture, kitchen tea parties and many more in Amsterdam Zuidoost.



SOA AIDS Expertise centre for HIV/AIDS and other STI’s assist Foundation MamaWatoto with their expertise when needed and financed projects in 2009 about health education that Foundation MamaWatoto organizes in the Netherlands.Public Health Services of Amsterdam has been assisting Foundation MamaWatoto since 2009 with their expertise when needed and financing MamaWatoto's projects on health awareness, sex, drugs and alcohol, sexual diversity and many more.


Foundation Nedas: A multicultural foundation for development and support organisation of East African origin has been collaborating with Foundation MamaWatoto since 2009.


The Dr. Hofstee Foundation provides project grants from the proceeds of its capital stock. It focuses primarily on the foundations to support with donations of humanitarian projects in developing countries, preferably with a Christian perspective as missionary; supporting projects in their own countries in the field of art and culture, science, education and other forms of development and formation of youth and / or adults and supporting projects for community development, social welfare, charitable assistance, mental and physical health. In 2010 Dr. Hofstee supported Foundation MamaWatoto and financed a project food security.


AFRIpads supports sanitary pads for vulnerable girls in developing countries. In April 2013, AFRIpads supported MamaWatoto to buy 15 sewing machines.

Empowering the Disadvantaged