Vision & Mission


Our mission:

Foundation Mamawatoto is an independent, non-profit organization working towards the socio-economic and environmental empowerment of local communities in rural Uganda, through the management of community driven development projects, and the direct promotion of basic human rights.

Our vision:

Foundation Mamawatoto’s vision is a world in which the poor and vulnerable are no longer marginalized, but participate in the creation of long-lasting positive opportunities for themselves, and the communities they live in.

Our goal:

To improve the living conditions and defend the basic human rights of poor and disadvantaged populations around the world. 

In support of this goal, our startegy is to reach the following objectives: 

  • Fight the spread of HIV/AIDS through education
  • Eradicate extreme poverty 
  • Fight discrimination and other violations of human rights
  • Promote gender equality and empower women
  • Improve access to medical care and livelihood in rural area

Our standards:

Our foundation is registered as ANBI (Public Benefit Organization​). This registration provides in best security for donators about the spending of their donations and appplies for tax-deductibility for Dutch taxes.
The members of our board might receive compensation for made expenses but no salary or any other financial benefit.
The registrationnumer is RSIN 818114046.

Our board:

President: Mrs. C. van der Pluijm – Among, Amsterdam
Chairwoman: Mrs. E.A. Meulenbelt – van den Bosch, Arnhem
Vice-chairwoman: Mrs. Petra Mul, Haarlem
Treasurer: Mrs. E.H. van der Wiel, Ede.

















Empowering the Disadvantaged